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and public relations

“Media can be your best friend or your worst nightmare.  Dealing with the media is no place for amateurs in the business world.”
— Dan Mica

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Dan Mica’s impressive career in Washington spans more than four decades during which he has achieved success in every area of his work. Read Dan's Full Bio

"His impact on the credit union movement was both immediate
and profound."

—Cooperative Hall of Fame

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microphoneThe DMA Group has experience working in all areas of the media and public relations. From print, television, and the internet, we develop and manage positive and effective communications to support our clients.


Managing your brand and public image successfully can be tough. Developing a positive reputation, not just with the general public, but with industry partners and customers requires foresight and vigilance. 


The DMA Group will help you develop and maintain strategic communications and media campaigns to cover all of your bases.

Below are examples of the caliber of exposure, polished presentation
and message that we can help you achieve:



Dan Mica on Fox News "Money for Breakfast"


Bloomberg Taps Dan Mica for Insight on Financial Services

Dan Mica Speech at 2006 WOCCU Conference (Dublin, Ireland)


newsPrint & Web Media

CU Times - Mica Opens Consulting Firm

CU Times - Catch the Wave Timing is Everything

The Hill - Staying on the Bipartisan Path

The Hill - Whether a Lobbyist should be a lobbyist

Become a Mile Wide and a Mile Deep

Corporate Capitalization: Look at the Big Picture


Media highlights

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The Hill Names The DMA Group "Top Lobbyist"
Dan Mica and The DMA Group are proud to have been named one of the 2013 “Top Lobbyists” by The Hill.

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Washington Business Journal Profile
Former CUNA President/CEO Dan Mica is going solo.

The DMA Group Principal, Dan Mica, waxes about everything from elections to pizza for the Washington Business Journal Executive Profile.

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mica award

Cyber management: The rules have changed
Financial and reputational risk surrounding cyber is greater than ever. Leaders should take notice because it could be their finances and reputation on the line.

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mica award

Winds of change blowing the house down
Fresh faces and inexperience have a major impact on how effective Congress can be. Unprecedented turnover in the current congress present unique challenges and opportunities.

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